Fractional Human Resources Built

For You

HR strategy & support from a team of experts.

HR TailorMade is a women-led human resources company with HR consultants specifically trained to provide HR strategy, support, and management for your small business needs.

Because we believe that your Human Resources department should make things easier for you and your team - with expertise in everything from how to write a job description to how to handle a challenging employee.

In fact, we believe that effective HR practices should make work environments conductive to joy and cohesive, where employees can thrive (and choose to stay!)

After years of working in various Human Resources departments across the country, our team brings 30+ years of expertise and experience to your small business or nonprofit - virtually.

My story

Hi, I’m Dr. Tiffany Slater, Founder and CEO. I started HR TailorMade in 2018, because I was miserable at my “dream job” in Human Resources. I didn’t feel valued or supported by the people I worked for. I didn’t look forward to starting my day. I didn’t even enjoy my day-to-day tasks anymore.

I was stressed out, burned out, and completely overwhelmed.

Your employees should NEVER feel that way - and neither should you! I work hard to ensure that you and your team have everything you need from a fractional Human Resources company: strategy, management, and consultancy.

My team of HR consultants and small business experts is here to help you and your employees thrive.

Our mission

At HR TailorMade, our mission is to revolutionize the way small businesses and organizations manage human resources. We understand the exact challenges you face, which is why we’re dedicated to providing unparalleled support in administering benefits, managing performance management processes, executing onboarding experiences, providing employee relations guidance, and much more.

But we don't stop there…

We believe that work should not only be productive, but also joyful. That's why we go the extra mile to create processes and policies that cultivate a positive work environment and foster happy employees.

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So why do we prioritize joy?

We firmly believe that happy employees are more engaged and motivated, and they contribute to building a better world. By creating joyful work experiences, we aim to make the world a better place, one employee at a time.   We invite you to join us in our mission to transform the workplace into a source of happiness and fulfillment. Together we can make a difference and create a workplace that ensures employees not only want to stay but thrive.

Our values



Learning our client’s goals and helping them attain said goals is always top of mind. Your goals are our priority – always.



At HR TailorMade, we know that diversity only adds value to our organizations and our lives. We value every one of our clients and celebrate our diversity. Everyone is welcome

at our table!



To find joy in one’s work means we must have reached a point of excellence. Our team at HR TailorMade prides itself on excellence in all things. We hope to instill that same excellence and pride in your team.



Everyone’s voice is important and has an impact. That is why it is important to us to master the art of teamwork in our own organization and to teach your organization to do the same. As Sheryl Sandberg once said, “The laws of economics and many studies of diversity tell us that if we tapped the entire pool of human resources and talent, our collective performance would improve.”



Relationships are at the heart of HR TailorMade. When a client trusts us enough to handle their organization’s human resources, we know that the only way to sustain that relationship is through integrity and mutual respect.

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