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HR TailorMade is a full-service Human Resources organization that serves small businesses and nonprofit organizations

from 0-50+ employees.

We customize HR support to fit you and your business, whether you need short-term assistance or long-term partnership.  

You can outsource your whole HR department to our team, receive fractional HR consulting, or select a customized handful

of HR tasks that you need now - all for a fraction of the cost of building an in-house HR department!

Fractional HR support includes everything from -

  • Creating & implementing your Employee Handbook

  • Designing & executing the onboarding process

  • Preparing stay & exit interviews

  • Benefits administration & design

  • Guiding performance management through difficult conversation support, job enhancement recommendations, and disciplinary action guidance

  • Supporting your leaders with employee relations


Here’s how to get started.


Schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation with Dr. Tiffany!

You’ll meet with our Founder and CEO to evaluate your main HR concern and determine possible solutions.


Receive your customized client contract with a solution that works for you.

Following that first meeting, our team will put together a customized package just for you!


Set up your onboarding call.

Get started by onboarding with team HR TailorMade. Tell us about your team culture, values, and the burning fires that brought you here…


Enjoy customized HR support in a way you need it!

Whether short- or long-term, the HR TailorMade team is here to do everything from everyday HR support to as-needed HR consultation & advice.

What does this mean for you?


You can hire, train, and retain your employees with policies and

systems that work.


You’ll have an HR team at your

side for the highs and

lows of business.


You can rest assured that

all your HR bases will be

covered by experts.

What are they saying about us?

What are they saying about us?

"Tiffany was initially hired to serve as KIPP St. Louis' Interim HR Director. She far exceeded our expectations. In addition to building systems, creating policies, and managing daily employee needs; Tiffany made authentic connections with our team members."

Janelle Jenkins


"I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Tiffany Slater on a Human Resource project for our city. Dr. Slater's professionalism and human resource acumen guided the project to a timely and successful completion. I would be glad to work with Dr. Slater on any other Human Resource Endeavor."

Terrence Gibson


"We have worked with Tiffany for a few short months and she has already done so much to help us with our business! She has offered suggestions and structure for our HR processes, re-written our company policy manual, and even led a team-building afternoon for our company. We highly recommend working with her."

Catherine Kruse


"I have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany and I am proud to know Tiffany as both a colleague and a friend. Tiffany approaches her work professionalism and a passion to hep companies by creating and implementing creative HR and Talent/People solutions that align an organization’s business goals with their most important asset - their team of people. I am honored to be a reference for tiffany and recommend you contact her for your HR and People/Talent needs."

Susan Conti, MCEC



"Tiffany and her staff are excellent at what they do. I reached out to Tiffany to help with hiring Administrators for my childcare center. Not only did she successfully find my company great additions to our team, she provides great guidance for the business and she is always available with great feedback whet it comes to new policies and staff development."

Brittney Washington


Don’t waste time trying to DIY human resources.

Get a FREE 30-minute video consultation today!


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