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We customized their Employee Handbook to be appropriate, inclusive, and legally compliant.


Project: The Employee Handbook & Ongoing HR Support

“As a franchise owner, I have some HR support, but it’s not enough for what we need. We don’t have our own individual HR department, which means I’m the HR person… but it’s not my area of expertise. We previously just made things work, but that wasn’t ideal (and now looking back, it was quite a risk).

Dr. Tiffany came so highly recommended that our choice to hire her was easy.

I originally hired the HR TailorMade team to create our Employee Handbook, to ensure I was approaching everything appropriately, inclusively, and legally sound. I honestly wasn’t sure if I should hire a labor attorney or an HR specialist… but because the Employee Handbook is the first point of contact with new employees, I really wanted the human touch of warmth and understanding to shine through. I also really wanted this handbook to include everything that’s legally necessary. I knew I couldn’t do it without help. I was so grateful that HR TailorMade could take over this project completely - and do it better than I ever could.

Now we use the Employee Handbook during our onboarding process, and we refer back to the handbook regularly. It’s an incredible resource for the whole team.

Following the creation of our Employee Handbook, Dr. Tiffany has provided ongoing HR support as necessary. In several sensitive moments with employees, Dr. Tiffany has provided incredible guidance that’s helped us make better decisions and effectively deal with challenges (in ways I wouldn’t have known how to handle otherwise).

Dr. Tiffany exudes an incredible empathy and sense of calm, which has allowed me the confidence to release so many things from my To Do List - a huge relief. She’s incredibly professional, and she brings an authority on all things HR that we desperately need help with. She’s been gracious with her time and energy, always answering my questions thoughtfully. Plus, she’s great about defining her deadlines and meeting them.

We can’t recommend Dr. Tiffany and the HR TailorMade team enough!”

-Ben Cahill, Franchise Owner

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We helped their company transition from a team of contractors to employees.


Project: Compensation Review & Ongoing HR Support

“I was personally the first hire at our company, so I understood the responsibilities of each role through experience. But as we began hiring more and more people, this became much more confusing (for me and for them!) - particularly while I was hiring and onboarding every new employee myself!

It was just too much. We were ready to hire a team of HR experts, and we discovered HR TailorMade at just the right time (through our network). The company had started with a team of contractors, and we needed help transitioning those contractors to employees.

I interviewed other HR professionals, but I really enjoyed meeting with Dr. Tiffany. We wanted someone who would fit into the culture of our company, plus a team that’s organized and able to respond quickly and efficiently. Dr. Tiffany has wide-ranging expertise that gives me confidence in her work. She has a warm personality that lets me trust her with all the important tasks. I genuinely trust that she knows what she’s doing and that she’ll remain committed to what we’re doing together.

Before we hired HR TailorMade, I was doing everything from writing the job description to interviewing potential hires to onboarding and training to managing new employees… and it was too much! Dr. Tiffany’s team has designed an incredible Employee Handbook for us to use, plus she takes so many of the HR tasks off my plate.”

-Jenna Scott, Chief Of Staff

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We provide competent, timely, and professional HR support to this growing business.


Project: Ongoing HR Supportrt

“Prior to working with HR TailorMade, we had no formal process for hiring new employees or seeking volunteers. Once we received a multi-million dollar grant, that was no longer a sustainable system (and maybe it never was!)

I interviewed Dr. Tiffany before signing a contract with her team, and what really sealed the deal was that she understands what I need. She doesn’t get frustrated with me; rather, she gently follows up with questions so we can meet our deadlines and deliverables together. She’s able to meet me where I’m at.

My goal is to build from the inside out, so I wanted to find someone who had both expertise and the ability to teach me the ins and outs of HR. I like to learn and understand what’s going on, and Dr. Tiffany really understands that. Plus, I was looking for a minority-owned organization. I’m especially excited that it’s Black-owned and women-led.

I wanted an HR expert who could protect my business baby in a way that I knew I couldn’t do alone. Dr. Tiffany had so many credentials and so much experience - and she sounds so knowledgeable when she speaks about HR.

I was afraid to release this part of the business to someone who would completely take over… but there hasn’t been a power struggle at all. She’s consistently worked alongside me. She understands that this is my baby! But she has the expertise necessary to do some things I just don’t know how to do. I’m used to operating like an octopus, but Dr. Tiffany reminds me that I can relax and hand off some major tasks to someone who knows different and better.

Dr. Tiffany has taught me how to trust - because I know that handing off a task to HR TailorMade will result in competent, timely, professional support. She’s also taught me how to lean into my authority: I’m new to the executive space (and I’m young for an executive), but Dr. Tiffany has helped me embrace what I’m doing and where I’m at.

Working with Dr. Tiffany doesn’t feel like work. Our time together feels like a partnership meeting or a “power hour,” because she’s supporting me in the ways I need support. The core of why she exists seems to be that she wants organizations like ours to remain sustainable and build a stable foundation.

HR TailorMade allows for the CEO of a business to remain the CEO. They take over everything necessary to build your team, so you can excel at your mission and your role in the company. I can’t recommend them enough - I tell everyone about Dr. Tiffany and her team!”

-Cierra Walker, Founder & CEO

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We designed an Employee Handbook treasure hunt for their staff & helped roll-out a brand new employee wellness program.


Project: Employee Handbook & Ongoing HR Support

“Prior to working with HR TailorMade, everything relating to Human Resources was done in-house… but we didn’t have documented policies or procedures. The Employee Handbook was outdated, and there was a lot of missing information.  

We hired Dr. Tiffany to write a new Employee Handbook and roll-out a new wellness program for our employees (based on an employee survey response). We’re a Black-focused organization, so we take mental health seriously - and that’s what we wanted Dr. Tiffany’s help with.

Dr. Tiffany is delightful. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with her. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and skilled. She’s both soft and steadfast: She offers honest feedback, but in a way that’s kind and thoughtful. She partners with us, which has been vital. She’s extremely responsive to our questions, and she makes herself available for our staff meetings that require HR support. (The staff love her!)

HR TailorMade created our handbook and helped us roll it out. Dr. Tiffany even created an Employee Handbook treasure hunt for one of our staff meetings, which was surprisingly fun for a usually boring task. And I will say: I have a background in HR, and I have never been in a room where people are excited to answer questions about the handbook… she’s incredible!

Dr. Tiffany also created our onboarding process. She leveraged Gusto to make our onboarding process much easier. At first, she was running the onboarding process for us, but now we’ve learned to use this process on our own.

Dr. Tiffany is a great support and an incredible teacher. She streamlines HR, but I think her greatest asset to us is her advisory capacity. As an executive, her expertise and advice is invaluable. She implements HR in a way that doesn’t keep it separate from everything else… it’s a seamless process.

Our employees are never hesitant to reach out to Dr. Tiffany for help, because she’s been so graciously helpful. She really thrives in organizations that treat people as people… and that’s really important to us.”

-Xenon Walcott, VP of Operations

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We save this business time and money with 30+ years of HR expertise and experience.


Project: Employee Handbook & Ongoing HR Support

“Our problem was that we were understaffed, and we didn’t have enough time to do things the ‘right’ way - which meant that we started making non-strategic moves (like rushing to hire and improperly onboarding new employees). This negatively impacted our day-to-day operations and team culture.

We didn’t have a good HR strategy in place, because we didn’t have the time or the expertise to do this ourselves.

Dr. Tiffany and her team helped us create our Employee Handbook, plus onboarding materials - and now they provide regular and ongoing support to our team. They’ve also helped us offboard some wrong-fit employees with integrity that we can be proud of.

With HR TailorMade, we get HR experts who truly know what they’re doing - which means that the strategies we implement are both expert-informed and effective. We’re able to make better decisions with their help. And it’s not just the advice - it’s the ease of implementation from a team who’s done this over and over again.

Dr. Tiffany is willing to face any major challenge with enthusiasm and genuine empathy. When other people begin to lose hope, she’s there with a solution-oriented strategy! Plus, she offers an incredible amount of support for me as a leader. It can be lonely at the top, but Dr. Tiffany makes me feel seen and heard. She’s deeply compassionate and understanding - along with being incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.

And their support really is “tailor-made,” because each level of support is tailored to exactly what we need. Other HR experts I’ve worked with have given me cookie-cutter solutions, but Dr. Tiffany truly became part of our team.

Honestly, we couldn’t do the work we do without the support of HR TailorMade. No matter what the situation calls for or which new problem we’re facing, the HR TailorMade team is ready and willing to face the challenge head-on.

Hiring this quality of HR support is usually reserved for companies with multi-million dollar budgets. But with HR TailorMade, you get access to big business support as a small business owner… and I’d even say you get BETTER quality support, because Dr. Tiffany is a small business owner herself, and she genuinely cares about you and your business.

The pricing and the fractional structure of the services they offer truly allow small businesses like mine to access necessary HR support we wouldn’t otherwise receive.”

-Makisha Boothe, Founder, CEO & Head Coach

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